Our Programs

AYAN Kenya adopts a holistic approach, advocating for the promotion and protection of health rights while still maintaining a focus on youth, women, girls and SGM.

Advocacy on Health and Human Rights

The advocacy program leverages on opportunities for networking and collaboration, capacity building, research and learning: to enhance understanding of Sexual Reproductive Health rights among youth, adolescents, young women and marginalized populations. It involves reaching out to various agencies and partners through sensitization, trainings and advocacy with opinion leaders for the benefit of adolescents, women and Gender and sexual minorities

Goal: Improved capacity of SGM, young girls and adolescents to advocate and exercise their rights and freedom

Focus Areas: Policy advocacy, Human rights, Security and safety, Legal and paralegal services, Access to services, education, health, Economic opportunities, Public litigation, Cultural and religion influence, Stigma and discrimination, Media, mental Health, HIV/AIDS, Abortions etc.

Research and Learning

This program involves conducting research programs in order to identify new areas in SRHR affecting our beneficiaries and use this inform as learning interventions to inform generation of new ideas for funding and development of new policies. These areas include research policy analysis, publishing research findings, research capacity strengthening and documentation and dissemination of key learnings to stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Goal: Research publications on SRHR in national and international journals.

Focus Areas: Policy analysis and research, Policy studies, Policy debates, publishing research findings, Capacity strengthening on research, documentation and dissemination of key learnings Best practices

Institutional Development

This program aims at strengthening Institutional structures and systems focusing on Leadership development, Governance structures and Management capacity building of AYAN staff, beneficiaries and partners to be able to conceptualize, implement, monitor and evaluate programs and projects.

Goal: Strengthened institution, leadership, governance and management capacity of AYAN and partners

Focus Areas: Governance strengthening, Management and systems strengthening, Human resource, development, Finance Operations and Compliance, Resource Mobilization and financial, sustainability, Social enterprises and investments, Partnership and collaboration management.

Advocacy for Harm Reduction

At AYAN Kenya, we are committed to advocating for harm reduction approaches to address the needs of People Who Use Drugs (PWUD) and promote public health and human rights. Harm reduction is a pragmatic and evidence-based approach that aims to reduce the negative consequences associated with drug use, such as HIV/AIDS transmission, hepatitis C, overdose deaths, and social exclusion.

Our Advocacy Priorities

We advocate for policy changes to decriminalize drug use, remove punitive laws and barriers to access essential health services, and promote harm reduction as a public health approach.

We empower PWUD and affected communities to advocate for their rights, access to services, and meaningful participation in decision-making processes that affect their lives

We challenge stigma and discrimination against PWUD through awareness-raising campaigns, education programs, and advocacy efforts to promote understanding, empathy, and acceptance.

 Strengthening: We work to strengthen health systems and integrate harm reduction services into existing healthcare structures, ensuring access to quality and comprehensive care for PWUD.

Our Approach

We base our advocacy efforts on sound evidence, research, and best practices in harm reduction, drawing on international standards and guidelines to inform our policy recommendations and programmatic interventions.

We prioritize community engagement and participation in advocacy, empowering PWUD and affected communities to drive change, shape policies, and demand accountability from policymakers and service providers.

 We collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders, including government agencies, civil society organizations, academic institutions, and international donors, to amplify our advocacy efforts and create synergies for collective action

Join Us

Join us in advocating for harm reduction policies and practices that prioritize the health, dignity, and human rights of PWUD. Together, we can create a more supportive and inclusive society where everyone has access to the care and support they need to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

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